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Muscle Shoals is a town as rich in musical history as it is in Southern charm. So much so that the very name invokes the ghosts of rock and roll past. Today, the city still thrives on its history, a history that has nurtured the art of legends such as Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. The Shoals’ sultry vibe also finds its way into the cuisine, and you’ll get to indulge on the best the area has to offer.


The Swampers

Known as Muscle Shoals legends, the Swampers are credited with transforming the very direction of American music itself. Their customary country sound also borrows from soul and R&B, affording them 75 gold and platinum hits.



HOSTED by John Paul White

Born in Muscle Shoals and later moving to Loretto, Tennessee, White is certainly an authentic Southerner. A member of the Civil Wars, White’s creations contain an undeniable folk-pop sensibility.


Donnie Fritts

Calling Muscle Shoals home, Fritts has written songs for Dusty Springfield and Waylon Jennings. An artist in his own right, Fritts has also performed as keyboardist for Kris Kristofferson.



Dylan LeBlanc

Originally from Louisiana but later growing up in Muscle Shoals to support his father’s music career, LeBlanc has always been surrounded by the craft  of music. His melancholy folk anthems detail the pain of heartbreak through polished expertise.


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Daniel Elias and the Exotic Dangers

Straight from the Shoals, Daniel Elias and the Exotic Dangers combine a classic rock n’ roll sound with sweeter pop melodies. 


The Kernal

A member of Muscle Shoals’ based record label, Single Rock Records, The Kernal combines vintage Southern sensibilities with a revamped twist. They’re expected to release their sophomore album this Spring.


The Pollies

Calling Muscle Shoals home, The Pollies are part of the scene that’s currently transforming the historical city’s sound. Sharing a band member with the Alabama Shakes, the band combines elements of alt-country and indie rock. 


Belle Adair

Originating in Muscle Shoals, Belle Adair is set to record their second album at the world-renowned FAME studios. Their acoustic folk inclinations are an elegant complement to the city they hail from.


The Bear

Based in the Muscle Shoals area, The Bear had its humble beginnings as the creation of songwriters Louisa Murray and Nathan Pitts. Today, the band contains a multi-instrumental ensemble that combines Alabama’s country twang with indie rock inclinations.